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Ofeta IBC Marketing

IBC Marketing specializes in the area of sports sponsorship. We offer excellent market knowledge and contacts network, which covers the entire Polish sports landscape, in particular the field of football. IBC Marketing and projects. Partners provide services of constant high and guaranteed quality, always within the specified time frame, in accordance with AG Quality standards.

IBC Marketing and Partners comprehensive sports sponsorship services in Poland include:

  • - Sponsorship effects and market research
  • - Consultancy in the field of subject of sponsorship selection
  • - Evaluation of sponsorship value
  • - Conclusion of sponsorship contract
  • - Sponsorship strategy development
  • - Development of sponsorship program
  • - Sponsorship communication management
  • - Support of sponsorship campaign implementation
  • - Effective ATL and BTL communication
  • - Sports Public Relations
  • - Event organization and servicing
  • - Current servicing of sponsorship program